Sudarshan Faakir

Sudarshan Faakir 1934 – 2008 ! Jalandhar, India.


Sudarshan Faakir was born on 1934 in Jalandhar, British India. His real name was Sudarshan Kamra and takhallus pen name was Sudarshan Faakir, was an Indian poet and lyricist. After completing high school, he moved to Jalandhar and completed B.A. from DAV College. During college, he was very active in dramatics and poetry. As per Ghalib Chhuti Sharaab and an interview given by Sudarshan to Tribune, a failed love affair in Ferozpur made him leave his birthplace forever and caused him to shift his base to Jalandhar where he initially lived as a bachelor in a dingy room. This room was also the meeting place for some of his poet friends. It is said that during this period, he dressed like a Majnu, wandered like a faqir (perhaps the inspiration for his pen name) and got addicted to alcohol. His ghazals and nazms written during this period reflected mostly his anguish in the aftermath of his failed love affair. He died on 19 February 2008 Jalandhar, Punjab, India. is the best place to read Sudarshan Faakir poetry.