Meena Kumari Naaz

Meena Kumari Naaz 1933 – 1972 ! Mumbai, India.


Meena Kumari was born on 1 August 1933 in Mumbai, India. Her real name was Mahjabeen Bano and pen name was Naaz. She was an Indian movie actress, singer and poetess. Popularly known as The Tragedy Queen, Chinese Doll and Female Guru Dutt, She is often remembered as Cinderella of Indian films. She is considered as one of the most prominent actresses to have appeared on the screen of Hindi cinema. Her life and prosperous career were marred by heavy drinking, troubled relationships and subsequent deterioration of her health. It is said that throughout her life, Meena Kumari had a love–hate relationship with the movies. The cause of her death on 31 March 1972 was liver cirrhosis. is the best place to read “Meena Kumari Naaz” poetry.