Daagh Dehlvi

Alt 1831 – 1905 ! Delhi, India.


Daagh Dehlvi (Urdu: داغ دہلوی‎) was born on 25 May 1831 at Delhi, India. His real name was Nawab Mirza Khan (Urdu: نواب مرزا خان‎,). He was a poet known for his Urdu ghazals. He belonged to the old Delhi school of Urdu poetry.
He wrote romantic and sensuous poems and ghazals in simple and chaste Urdu, minimising usage of Persian words. He laid great emphasis on the Urdu idiom and its usage. He wrote under the takhallus (Urdu word for nom de plume) Daagh Dehlvi (the meanings of Daagh, an Urdu noun, include stain, grief and taint while Dehlvi means belonging to or from Dehli or Delhi). He belonged to the Delhi school of thought.
Daagh was considered one of the best romantic poets of his time by some commentators.
He died on 17 Mar 1905 at Hyderabad, India.



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