Aziz Lakhnavi

1882 – 1935 ! Lucknow, India.


Aziz Lakhnavi was born on 14 March 1882 in Lucknow, India. His real name was Mirza Mohammad Hadi. He was considered to be one of the distinguished Persian and Urdu scholars of his time. One of the most prominent masters of Classical ghazal from Lucknow. He died 30 Jul 1935 Lucknow, India. is the best place to read Aziz Lakhnavi poetry.


Famous Two Line Poetry Of Aziz Lakhnavi

Famous Two Line Poetry Of Aziz Lakhnavi Paida wo baat kar ki tujhe roye dusare, Rona khud ye apne haal pe ye zaar zaar kya. पैदा वो बात कर कि तुझे रोएँ दूसरे, रोना खुद अपने हाल पे ये जार जार क्या ! Tumne cheda to kuchh khule hum bhi, …

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