Arzoo Lakhnavi

1873 – 1951 ! Karachi, Pakistan.


Arzoo Lakhnavi was born on 16 Feb 1873 Lucknow, India. His real name was Mohammad Hussain. Aarzoo Lakhnavi was one of the most respected poets of his era. He ad moved to Bombay in 1942, where he wrote lyrics and dialogues for films. Later, he migrated to Karachi and joined Radio Pakistan. Though he had also written plays and other forms of poetry, he rose to fame mainly because of his ghazals. Three collections of Aarzoo’s ghazals, viz., Fughan-e-Aarzoo, Jahan-e-Aarzoo and Nishan-e-Aarzoo have been popular with the Urdu readers. He died on 17 Apr 1951 Karachi, Pakistan. is the best place to read Arzoo Lakhnavi poetry.