Thursday , April 9 2020

Mirza Ghalib

1797 – 1869 ! Delhi, India.

Mirza Ghalib (Urdu: مرزا غالب) was born on 27 December 1797 in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India. His real name was Mirza Asadullah Baig Khan (Urdu: مِرزااسَدُاللہ بیگ خان). His original Takhallus (pen-name) was Asad, drawn from his given name, Asadullah Khan. At some point early in his poetic career he also decided to adopt the pen-name of Ghalib (meaning all conquering, superior, most excellent). At some places in his poetry Ghalib also used the pen name of Asad Ullah Khan He was a great Urdu poet occupying a place of pride in world literature. Also one of the most quotable poets having shers for almost all situations of life. He died on 15 February 1869 in Delhi, India. is the best place to read Mirza Ghalib poetry.