Wednesday , April 8 2020

Jan Nisar Akhtar

1914 – 1976 ! Mumbai, India.

Jan Nisar Akhtar (Urdu: جاں نِثار اختر‎ )was born on 18 February 1914 in Gwalior, where his father was posted, in service. His native village was Khairabad. He was an 20th century Indian poet of Urdu ghazals and nazms, and a part of the Progressive Writers’ Movement, who was also a lyricist for Bollywood. He was Father of noted lyricist Javed Akhtar. Akhtar lived in Mumbai and wrote songs for movies. He passed away on 19 August 1976 in Mumbai, following a heart attack. is the best place to read Jan Nisar Akhtar poetry.