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Ehsan Danish

1914 – 1982 ! Lahore, Pakistan.

Ehsan Danish (Urdu: احسان دانش) was born on 2 February 1914 in Maulanan, Kandhla, a small town in the Shamli district of Uttar Pradesh, India. His real name was Ehsan-ul-Haq (Urdu: احسان اُلحق‎ ).He belonged to a poor family and could not continue his study due to financial reasons but still learned the Arabic and Persian languages on his own. Later he migrated to Lahore and settled there permanently.

At the beginning of his career his poetry was very romantic but later he wrote his poems more for the labourers and came to be called ‘Shayar-e-Mazduur’ (Poet of the workmen) by his audience. He died on 22 March 1982 in Lahore, Pakistan.

Yun na mil mujh se khafa ho jaise..

Yun na mil mujh se khafa ho jaise, Sath chal mauj-e-saba ho jaise. Log yun dekh ke hans dete hain, Tu mujhe bhul gaya ho jaise. Ishq ko shirk ki had tak na badha, Yun na mil hum se khuda ho jaise. Maut bhi aayi to is naaz ke sath, …

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