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Bekhud Dehlvi

1863 – 1955 ! Delhi, India.

A disciple of Dagh Dehlvi, Bekhud Dehlvi was born 21 March 1863 at Bharatpur where his ancestors were employed at reputable positions. His father, Syed Shamsuddin was also a poet and wrote under the pen name, ‘Saalim’. After his birth, Bekhud was brought to Delhi where Maulana Haali educated him in Arabic and Persian. Under Haali’s leadership, he was fortunate to read the poetry of legendary shayars and acquired knowledge about the craft and finer nuances of sher-o-shayari. On observing his skill in poetry, Maulana Haali advised him to become a disciple of Dagh Dehlvi in 1891. Soon, he became one of the best disciples, imbibing the style of his teacher. Bekhud’s poetry is full of linguistic maneuvers and amongst the disciples of Dagh, he holds a distinction of making colloquialisms that are worthy of appreciation. He died on 2 October 1955 in Delhi at the age of 92 years.

Aashiq samajh rahe hain mujhe dil lagi se aap..

Aashiq samajh rahe hain mujhe dil lagi se aap, Waqif nahi abhi mere dil ki lagi se aap. Dil bhi kabhi mila ke mile hain kisi se aap, Milne ko roz milte hain yun to sabhi se aap. Sab ko jawab degi nazar hasb-e-muddaa, Sun lije sab ki baat na …

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